Glueless Laminating Machine

SFML-520 is glueless laminating machine which is designed and manufactured upon the market requirements. This machine has the feature of compact structure and easy operation. The electric and pneumatic system is controlled by PLC system. And one person can operate it easily. When the operator inputs paper size on touch screen, the machine can realize automatically paper lamination and separation.

Product Details


1. Glueless Laminating Machine man-machine interface system with color touch screen simpliy operation.
2. Pneumatic pressuring system provides steady pressure to guarantee good laminating quality. The pressure is adjustable upon requests.
3. Film cutter cuts film width to make it meet paper size. The cut film is left on the film release spindle.
4. Film perforating wheel perforates film edge for the automatic cut of laminated paper.
5. Pneumatic separating system realizes automatic paper cut as long as the operator inputs the paper size on the touch screen.

Technical Specifications:


a. The plastic material is thermally expanded, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is much larger than that of metal;

b. The rigidity of general plastic materials is an order of magnitude lower than that of metals;

Characteristics of plastic materials

Characteristics of plastic materials

c. The mechanical properties of plastic raw materials will decrease significantly under prolonged heating;

d. The general plastic material will be subjected to long-term stress under normal temperature and under the stress of its yield strength, and permanent deformation will occur;

e. Plastic materials are sensitive to gap damage;

f. The mechanical properties of plastic raw materials are usually much lower than that of metals, but some composite materials have higher specific strength and specific modulus than metals. If the product design is reasonable, it will be more advantageous;

g. Generally, the mechanical properties of plastic raw materials are anisotropic;

h. Some plastic materials will absorb moisture and cause dimensional and performance changes;

i. Some plastics are flammable;

j. Fatigue data for plastic raw materials is currently scarce and needs to be considered according to the requirements of use.


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