Chain Knife Thermal Laminator

SW-1050G chain knife thermal laminator is new design and high speed hot lamination machine, it becomes the most popular model which well accepted by European customers. Instant Electromagnetic Heater heat up time shorten to 90 seconds, accurate temperature control:±1℃ Max. speed 120 meter/min, PET film speed 75 meter/min ,Maximize output and profits for user.

Product Details


1. Chain Knife Thermal Laminator instant Electromagnetic Heater ,heat up time shorten to 90 seconds, accurate temperature control:±1℃.

2. Max. speed 120 meter/Min, PET film 75 meter/min, Max size output and profits for user.

3. Equipped with advanced electromagnetic heater. Fast pre-heating ,energy saving, Environmental protection.

4. This machine is equipped with a pneumatic separating system, pneumatic perforating device and photoelectrical detector to rapidly separate the paper according .to the paper size.

5. Double Film Shaft, Saving time of film loading and uploading, improving efficiency.

6. The Servo controller and Side Lay Mechanism guarantees precise paper alignment at all times.

7. A user-friendly interface system with a color touch screen simplifies the operation process. The operator can easily and automatically control paper sizes, overlapping and machine speeds.

8. The machine is equipped with an anti-curl device, which ensures that paper remains flat and smooth during the lamination process.

9. Auto-feeding and auto-stacker.

The laminating process is a surface processing process after printing. It is also known as post-press over-molding, post-press silicone or post-press film. It refers to the film covering the surface of the printed product with a layer of 0.012~0.020mm. Thick transparent plastic film to form a paper-plastic product processing technology. Generally speaking, according to the process used, it can be divided into two types, namely, a coating film and a pre-coating film, and is classified into two types: a bright film and a matt film depending on the film material.

As a way of protecting and decorating the surface of printed matter, the film has a large share in post-press processing. If you walk into a bookstore, you will find that most books use this method. This is because the printed film will be smoother, brighter, stain-resistant, water-resistant and wear-resistant. The color of the cover of the book will be more vivid and dazzling, and the wear resistance, folding resistance and tensile strength of the printed matter will be The moisture resistance has been greatly enhanced, which protects the appearance of various types of printed matter and improves the service life. Most notably, the film can largely compensate for the quality defects of the printed product, and many of the apparent defects that occur during the printing process can be covered after the film is coated (especially after the matte film). 

Therefore, the laminating process is widely used in various types of packaging and decoration printed matter in China, and books, magazines, calendars, maps, etc. in various binding forms are a very popular surface processing technology for printed products. The film-coating process entered China in the 1980s. Due to its many advantages, it has swept the country in a very short period of time and has gradually become the darling of the surface decoration of books and periodicals.

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