Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder

This thermal paper slitter rewinder is suitable for slitting and rewinding record paper such as fax paper, computer print paper, electro-cardiogram printing paper, cash register roll paper, ATM roll apaper etc. This machine is equipped with automatic tension control and unwind auto-lifting system. the inverter and driven by the variable frequency motor, automatic tension controlled.

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Different types of slitting machines have different performances

Due to the large demand for Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder, a variety of slitting machines have appeared in the market. Do you know how to divide them? Depending on the size of the cut, we usually divide the slitter into a paper type and a small paper type. These two different types of slitting machines are suitable for slitting different types of paper, and the paper slitting machine is usually used to cut some napkins and the like.

Small paper cutting machine function: consumption punched small paper, consumer roll toilet paper. Advantages: Punching, winding, and cutting are stopped at the same time. It can be installed with pneumatic synchronous paper feeding, air shaft winding and embossing.

Advantages of the web slitter The new and improved cylindrical drum cutter is light and stable, and the wind resistance is reduced to prevent the paper from floating. The laser recognition color code system detects the color code, symbols, etc. on the roll paper and stops the slit paper force setting program, which can be directly controlled in the human machine interface.

Centralized panel operation, integrated circuit control. The various parts of the machine are focused on panel operation control. Main functions of the panel: A. Spindle speed adjustment B. Winding length setting C. Unwinding tension adjustment D. Winding tension setting E. Start. Abort button.

The cutter uses a round knife. It is also possible to change the lower cutting pad according to different cutting widths and adjust the cutting width to achieve high quality cutting quality.

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