Slitting Rewinding Machine for Paper

​Slitting Rewinding Machine for Paper is with chain system for automatic unload the finish rolls, slitting speed up to 450m/min.

Product Details


1. Slitting Rewinding Machine for Paper is integrated with mechanical, electricity and pneumatic, with complete safety protections.

2. Main components use world famous brand so keep the top level high quality slitting equipment.

3. The finished roll paper use chain system to unload and easy for handling.

4. The knife system with special device so can slitting self-adhesive label paper

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


Our plant view:

At present, from the market development trend of China's Slitting Rewinding Machine for Paper, the development direction of the slitting machine can be analyzed from three angles. Let's take a look at it.

1. Automatic control

At present, the automation level of China's slitting machine stays at the middle and lower level. Compared with developed countries, domestic slitter manufacturers are far behind them in the depth of use of slitting machines, especially in control systems and slitting machines. The structure and the lack of organic bonding on the material being cut remain on the thick lines.

2. Manufacturing precision

The precision of manufacturing is lacking in China's manufacturing industry, and the manufacturing process is also a disadvantage of China's slitting machine manufacturers. We know that the cutting machine has high manufacturing precision requirements. Therefore, some equipments need to use CNC machine tools to process parts. In particular, it is necessary to popularize the machining center, so that the processing precision of the machine for manufacturing the slitting machine can be fundamentally guaranteed.

3. Structure rationalization

The rationalization of the design of the slitting machine is very important. It is not possible to blindly copy foreign equipment or other peers. It should be studied on the frame structure. From the perspective of the slitter manufacturers, design a more reasonable slitting machine and research and design the individualization. The slitting machine makes the different materials of the slitting more detailed in structure, and gradually gets rid of the plagiarism phenomenon in the R&D, design and production process of the enterprise slitting machine.

Tipping paper, a cigarette packaging material used as a filter cigarette mouth wrap, belongs to the special industry.

Use paper. Named for its similar appearance to pine wood. The tipping paper is in direct contact with the lips of the smoker, so the printing ink and coating of the tipping paper must be non-toxic, meet food hygiene standards, and have certain water and wet strength. According to different processing techniques, tipping paper is divided into two types: printing type tipping paper and coating type tipping paper. The printing type tipping paper is printed by gravure printing process, the surface is beautiful, the leveling is good, the technical requirements are high, and it is suitable for medium and high-grade cigarettes; the coated type tipping paper is processed by coating process, and the process is simple. Surface pattern quality and leveling are worse than printed tipping paper, and are often used in low-end cigarettes.

A cigarette with a filter is attached. There is a filter rod at the top. The outer surface is covered with a thin, orange-yellow (and some white) wrapping paper with gold or green lines printed on it. It is called tipping paper, commonly known as cigarette paper. The current standard name: tipping paper.

Originally it was the decorating paper on the cigarette mouth. Why did it start with such a weird name? This has caused many peers to be confused, and the outsiders are even more inexplicable. An accidental opportunity found that there was information on the paper in a paper book sent by a Japanese company. The name of the tipping paper was introduced to China by Japan. At the beginning of the 20th century, when Sendai City Tohoku Paper Co., Ltd. first produced the paper, it took its name because it resembled the appearance of a local plant, the pine. After the 1930s, the paper was shipped from Japan to Shanghai, and the name of the tipping paper was used.

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