Slitter Rewinder for Adhesive Paper

Slitter rewinder for adhesive paper is top grade and high-quality model slitting machines, suitable for slitting and rewinding various kind of paper, label stock, plastic film, foil, metallized film, and others laminates etc. It is with five motor for automatic tension control, ultrasonic system for detect the unwind diameter, PLC touch screen for calculate the tension value change and give compensation. This HQG model with independent unwind unit and web guide, suit for big diameter of material, slitting speed up to 450m/min.

Product Details


1. Slitter Rewinder for Adhesive Paper imports PLC for centralized control, with touch screen operation interface, is able to set working parameters and display working status in screen.

2. Main motor driven by the variable frequency motor, and controlled by the frequency inverter, fast and stable for acceleration and deceleration.

3. Rewinding adopts differential air shafts, driven by the variable frequency control motor, automatic tension control.

4. Unwinding is controlled by the inverter and driven by the variable frequency motors, automatic tension controlled.

5. Unwinding adopts shaft-less loading and unloading, hydraulic lifting, easy for efficient loading and unloading, with web guide system.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


Tool change, knife adjustment

1. During production, Slitter Rewinder for Adhesive Paper must be ensured that the blade does not affect the quality of the product. If the edge of the blade is not good and the curling, burr and other damages cause the finished end face to be defective, the knife must be changed.

2. When adjusting the knife, clean the aluminum foil in the sipe, and try to avoid the sipe with the sag and other defects as the lower sipe.

3. Each blade can be individually adjusted to the depth in the sipe (empirical value is about 0.5mm) so that the blade is facing the middle of the lower sipe and tighten the bolts of the fixed blade.

4. The groove width of the sipe groove is 0.64mm, the pitch is 2mm, and the even width material is available. The width of the web is determined by the distance of the upper cutting edge. The accuracy is determined by the accuracy of the ruler used to measure the distance of the cutting edge. The final width is determined by cutting, and the tolerance is adjusted.

5, the blade frame is suitable for thin double-edged blades, can have 2 side cuts, 5 two cuts in the middle, for the middle cut, can get 4mm ~ 50mm draw.

6. After all the trimming knives have been adjusted, the turret should be slowly lowered for further inspection. Make sure that each blade is in the middle of the sipe, the depth is moderate or the strip is tested with aluminum foil. After passing the knives, pick up the turret.


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