Pos Paper Roll Slitter

This pos paper roll slitter is suitable for slitting and rewinding record paper such as fax paper, computer print paper, electro-cardiogram printing paper, cash register roll paper, ATM roll apaper etc. This machine is equipped with automatic tension control and unwind auto-lifting system. the inverter and driven by the variable frequency motor, automatic tension controlled.

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What is the difference between the slitter and the slitter?

Many industries are familiar with Pos Paper Roll Slitter. A slitter is a device for longitudinal slitting of a wide material. We can understand the scope of its use to understand the role of the slitter. The type of paper is separate, which is also the type of use of the slitter. This type of equipment is also a mainstream of round blades, which is often found in the packaging market. It is used for strip metal coils such as strip steel and stainless steel, mainly because of the important role of steel processing plants, rolling mills, the electrical industry, automobiles and slitting machines in these industries.

Slitting machines can also be used in the leather, fabric, film and plastic industries. The structure of the slitting knife consists of unwinding, ie unwinding and guiding positioning, slitting and slitting, and winding. Its main function is to cut a wide-volume material, which is to turn the length of a wide-volume material into a narrow-sized coil, ready for future functional processing.

The advantages of the slitting knife are many and the layout is reasonable. This makes it particularly convenient and simple to operate, and is highly automated, productive and accurate during operation. Cold rolled, hot rolled coil, stainless steel sheet, silicon steel sheet, color steel sheet, aluminum sheet and many large sheet metal materials, as well as round inserts are widely used in this field and work very efficiently, so it is particularly popular. .

Anyone who knows the slitter knows that the slitter is a slitter and it is also very versatile. Then I will introduce the cut

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