Jumbo Roll Slitting Machine

Jumbo roll slitting machine is top grade high quality model slitting machines, suitable for slitting and rewinding various kind of paper, label stock, plastic film, foil, metallized film, and others laminates etc. This model is upgrade model base one HQG, which difference is the rewind diameter up to 800-1000mm, and with chain system for automatic unload the finish rolls, slitting speed up to 450m/min.

Product Details


1. Jumbo Roll Slitting Machine import PLC for centralized control, with touch screen operation interface, is able to set working parameters and display working status in screen.

2. Main motor driven by the variable frequency motor, and controlled by the frequency inverter, fast and stable for acceleration and deceleration.

3. Rewinding adopts differential air shafts, driven by the variable frequency control motor, automatic tension control.

4. Unwinding adopts shaft-less loading and unloading, hydraulic lifting, easy for efficient loading and unloading, with web guide system.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


The slip shaft is used to cut and wind the low tension product. The slip ring on the slip shaft will be wound according to the tension of each roll of material. The slip ring on each roll will pass through the shaft. Sliding, to achieve the effect of tension balance and stability, and finally the end face of the product is neat and tight, and the shortcomings of the inflation shaft are well solved (the end face is not neat, the winding material is somewhat loose, some are too tightly deformed) ).

At the same time, the slip bearing is heavy, the shaft can reach up to 60, and the smallest is 50. Under normal circumstances, for a load-bearing weight of more than 200 kg, the individual feels that it is necessary to properly assemble a receiving frame. In the case that the protection slip shaft is not easily deformed, it is also convenient for the worker to operate, and one person can completely operate a slitting machine.

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