High Speed Slitter Rewinder

High speed slitter rewinder is top grade and high-quality model slitting machines, suitable for slitting and rewinding various kind of paper, label stock, plastic film, foil, metallized film, and others laminates etc. It is with five motor for automatic tension control, ultrasonic system for detect the unwind diameter, PLC touch screen for calculate the tension value change and give compensation. This HQG model with independent unwind unit and web guide, suit for big diameter of material, slitting speed up to 450m/min.

Product Details


1. High Speed Slitter Rewinder is with functions of meter length counting, diameter calculating, automatic stop while up to the set length.

2. Integrated with mechanical, electricity and pneumatic, with complete safety protections.

3. Main components use world famous brand which keep the top level high quality slitting equipment.





Technology Support:

Under the premise of ensuring the high-quality machines, fast and professional technical service team is highly valued by Keepon.

Be a customer of Keepon Machinery, our service team not only provide you the technical consulation before purchasing machines, but also the after-sales technical support.

Although our factory is located in China and has a time difference with Europe, America and other continents, but you can contact us through instant chat tools such as telephone and social software. We can guarantee timely technical advice and support during the main working hours. On other times, you can also leave a message by email for us, then we will give you a perfect solution as quickly as possible.


Coordination of transport and delivery

Cooperation with carefully selected partners for the transportation and delivery

Coordination of partner companies

Specification of trestle lifting gear, fork-lift trucks, heavy-duty rolls

Door dimensions, steps and gradients, ground/floor on transport routes

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