High Speed Paper Slitter Rewinder

​High speed paper slitter rewinder is economical model but high speed machines for slitting rewinding self adhesive label paper, laminated film, laminated Al foil, or normal plastic film etc. This machine with two motor control, PLC touch screen for calculate the tension value change and give compensation. Unwind unit is not independent, suit for smaller diameter material roll(800-1000mm). Slitting speed up to 300m/min.

Product Details


1. High Speed Paper Slitter Rewinder is used the straight knives and rotary knives for slitting, regularity disc surface, air blowing device for waste edge.

2. In the system, there are calculations of meter, roll diameter, automatic machine stopping when lack of material etc.

3. The system has perfect mechanic, electric and pneumatic design, also good safety protection.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


Lubrication of the reducer, lubrication of the bushing and shaft on the winding shaft, lubrication of the air source processor, or periodic inspection of whether the screws of each part are loose. It is necessary to note that the paper slitting machine should not be corroded during maintenance. The chemical wipes the embossing wheel, the rubber wheel, and the take-up shaft.

High Speed Paper Slitter Rewinder should carry out fixed length slitting processing of the whole roll or whole raw materials, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, film, leather, wood chips, etc., and the fixed length slitting control is used. The slitting length can be set continuously. If there is an error in the actual slitting length, it is easy to calibrate by setting parameters.

The slitting control of the paper slitter is divided into static and dynamic slitting: it stops accurately when the set length arrives, then static slitting processing, restarts after slitting; when the set length arrives, it does not stop. The cutting signal, the paper slitting machine dynamically cuts the material during the movement of the material.


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