Film Roll Slitting Machine

This film roll slitting machine is with independent unwind unit and web guide, suit for big diameter of material, slitting speed up to 380m/min.

Product Details



1. Film Roll Slitting Machine imported PLC integrated control is used in electrical control system, human-machine communication is carried out by touch screen. Set and display working parameters according to requirements from different products

2. Vector frequency-inverter is adopted for rewinding, material roll diameter is automatically calculate by PLC to achieve automatic tension control

3. Vector frequency-inverter is adopted for unwinding, motor active unwinding, material roll diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve automatic tension control

4. The independent unwind part use shaftless pneumatic insert system, convenience for loading and unloading the jumbo roll. Unwind with automatic web guide

5. Special slip pneumatic shaft for rewind, doctor knife and round blade changing system for slitting. This makes the rewind rolls surface even and nice tension.

6. Rewind and unwind part can running two direction, go forward and back

7. PLC calculates the counting meter, roll diameter. Machine will stop when lack of material

8. This machine has perfect design and good safety protection

9. There are many different models such as 1300,1500,1700mm available slitter rewinder

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


These are the most needed forms for the film roll slitting machine

Do you know? At present, the development trend of slitting machines is high-tech practical, high-efficiency production, energy-saving products, high utilization of resources, and commercialization of scientific research results. However, compared with foreign products, the gap between the level of science and technology is still relatively large, and it can not meet the domestic demand far away. Fine and specialized is the road that China's mechanical products should take.

China's slitting machine lacks high-precision, high-tech, high-quality accessory products, the product performance is low, stability and reliability are relatively poor; and the domestic industry lacks leading enterprises, the technical level is not high, the production scale is not large, The grade of the products is not high, and to a certain extent depends on the extensive operation of increasing capital investment and expanding production scale.

However, China's slitting machine has already had some awareness in this respect, and has begun to accelerate the pace of approaching the technological advantages of digitalization, automation, and mechatronics. However, if we want to achieve a high degree of modernization of equipment and a strategy of going global, Need to accelerate the growth of this fine short board, and strive to catch up with the trend of internationalization.

Then, the Film Roll Slitting Machine industry not only forms a relatively complete product system in terms of common technology and conventional equipment, but also meets market needs in key equipment and technology, thus embarking on a high-tech road. At the same time, enterprises must constantly carry out self-innovation, change backward business ideas and development thinking, improve equipment production efficiency and product diversification, and thus achieve healthy and orderly development of the industry.

The development form that the slitting machine needs most at present is like this. Do you know if you know something?


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