Duplex Slitter Rewinder Machine

Duplex Slitter Rewinder Machine is economical model but high speed machines for slitting rewinding self adhesive label paper, laminated film, laminated Al foil, or normal plastic film etc. This machine with two motor control, PLC touch screen for calculate the tension value change and give compensation. Unwind unit is not independent, suit for smaller diameter material roll(800-1000mm). Slitting speed up to 300m/min.

Product Details


1. Duplex Slitter Rewinder Machine imports PLC integrated control is used in electrical control system, human-machine communication is carried out by touch screen. Set and display working parameters are according to the requirements from different products.

2. Magnetic powder clutch is adopted for rewinding, roll diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve automatic tension control.

3. Magnetic powder brake is adopted for unwinding, active motor unwinding, roll diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve automatic tension control.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


In order to make the paper slitting machine work normally and cut out high-quality finished products, the operator should check the various parts of the paper slitting machine from time to time, and the lubrication points of the paper slitting machine. Refueling, it can be said that these are the operation of the paper cutting machine maintenance ^ foundation.


When it comes to the maintenance of the paper slitter, it is impossible to say the environment in which it is used. The quality of the environment directly affects the characteristics and service life of the appliances and components. The proper use environment not only reduces the frequency of maintenance, but also reduces the frequency of maintenance. It can reduce the loss of equipment and extend the service life of the paper slitter.


1. Keep the room well ventilated.

2. Ambient temperature -10 °C + 40 °C.

3, try to avoid high temperature and humidity, humidity less than 90% RH, no rain dripping.

4. Avoid direct sunlight from the paper slitting machine.

5. There is no flammable, corrosive gas or liquid in the environment where the equipment is placed.

6. The installation base of the paper slitting machine is fixed without vibration.

7. The use of paper slitting machine requires no electromagnetic interference and is away from interference sources.

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