Duplex Film Slitting Machine

This duplex film slitting machine is applicable for slitting and rewinding various material, such as self-adhesive paper, labelstock, BOPP film, PET film, CPP film, PVC film etc. It with independent unwind unit and web guide, suit for big diameter of material, slitting speed up to 380m/min.

Product Details


1. Duplex Film Slitting Machine imported PLC integrated control is used in electrical control system, human-machine communication is carried out by touch screen. Set and display working parameters according to requirements from different products

2. Vector frequency-inverter is adopted for rewinding, material roll diameter is automatically calculate by PLC to achieve automatic tension control

3. Vector frequency-inverter is adopted for unwinding, motor active unwinding, material roll diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve automatic tension control

4. The independent unwind part use shaftless pneumatic insert system, convenience for loading and unloading the jumbo roll. Unwind with automatic web guide

5. Special slip pneumatic shaft for rewind, doctor knife and round blade changing system for slitting. This makes the rewind rolls surface even and nice tension.

6. Rewind and unwind part can running two direction, go forward and back

7. PLC calculates the counting meter, roll diameter. Machine will stop when lack of material

8. This machine has perfect design and good safety protection

9. There are many different models such as 1300,1500,1700mm available slitter rewinder.

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Duplex Film Slitting Machine also has precautions

A slitter is a mechanical device that slits wide sheets of paper or film into a plurality of narrow web materials and is commonly used in printing and packaging machinery. But do you know? The slitter is also a precaution.

The traditional control scheme of the slitter is to use a large motor to drive the shaft of the rewinding and unwinding. A magnetic powder clutch is added to the reel and reel, and the resistance generated by the magnetic clutch is controlled to control the tension of the surface of the material. . Magnetic powder clutches and brakes are special automatic actuators that transmit torque through the magnetic powder filled in the working gap. The magnetic current can be changed to change the magnetic state of the magnetic powder, and then the transmitted torque can be adjusted.

It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed. It is suitable for high speed section fine adjustment and medium and small power speed control system. It is also used to adjust the torque by adjusting the current to ensure an unwinding or rewinding tension system with constant tension during winding.

The main feature of the slitter is that the magnetic powder clutch acts as a resistance device and outputs a DC voltage through the system control to control the resistance generated by the magnetic powder clutch. The main advantage is that it is a passive device that can control small tensions.

Ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalents are correct and stable before starting the machine. Before the equipment is ready to run, all personnel must notify the departure device to ensure personal safety before starting the operation. During operation, it is forbidden to touch the running film roll or roll core with your hand to avoid personal injury caused by getting your hands involved. During the operation, it is forbidden to scratch or cut each roller core with a knife or a hard object.

Before the equipment is put into operation, check whether the working positions are properly adjusted. If lubrication is required, the lubricating grease should be added in advance. Check if the tool is sharp.

After all the normal, you can run the empty car first, check whether there is any abnormality, and input the processing order into the computer to check the order in advance; after the equipment is put into operation, adjust the optimal working condition of the equipment according to the production situation to ensure the cutting machine pressure. The marks are moderate, the cuts are burr-free, and the trimming positions on both sides are appropriate.

Ensure that the cross-cutting machine has smooth paper feeding and accurate cutting length. For vertical and horizontal cutting machines that are connected to production management, it is also necessary to monitor the operation of the machine at the same time. Beware of paper jamming and defective products. After the work is finished, clean the equipment on time. The ash and paper scraps are inspected, and the grinding wheel is inspected, and the water in the water purifier and the gas storage tank are drained to check whether there is abnormality in the running part. Then, according to the instructions, cut off the power supply and maintain the computer operating system.

The above is the precautions about the slitting machine. Do you understand?


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