Drum Type Slitting Machine

This drum type slitting machine are high speed machines special for slitting rewinding very narrow width paper, tipping paper and film, as well as the aluminum foil. This machine speed up to 400m/min, normally use for cigarette and tobacco production industrial.

Product Details


1. Drum Type Slitting Machine electrical control system adopts imported PLC centralized control. Human-machine conversation is advanced by touch screen and operating parameters are set and displayed in accordance with different requirements for products.

2. Tension of reel winding for double reel winding shafts pneumatic paper pressure roller is controlled by Servo motor. It can be set with taper mode automatic control.

3. Tension for reel unwinding adopts AC frequency conversion control, which can enable tension for reel unwinding to be constant and unchangeable. Loading and unloading for raw materials adopts shaft gas-cap clamping and atmospheric pressure for lifting.

4. It adopts imported photoelectric correcting system with high correcting accuracy.

5. It adopts round knife for slitting with good smoothness for slitting disc.

6. This machine combines optical, mechanical, electrical and gas as one which can achieve purpose for high-speed slitting.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


Hot stamping paper composition

Base film layer

Domestically, a 16μm thick biaxially stretched polyester film is used; the main function is to support the continuous action when attached to the top coating and facilitate hot stamping. This indicates that the base film layer cannot be deformed due to temperature rise during the hot stamping process, and should have high strength, tensile strength, high temperature resistance and the like.

Release layer

Generally, it is mainly coated with a silicone resin or the like. The main component of the second release layer in the electrochemical aluminum foil is silicone resin. Its main function is to quickly remove the color, aluminum and rubber layers after hot stamping, whether before heating or pressing. The film is transferred and bonded to the surface of the object to be stamped, which means that one process among the electrochemical aluminum and the composition is a release layer, and a chemical substance (silicone resin) is contained in the release layer. Mainly to help the material transfer well, and the finished hot stamping material we do, the main function is to put all kinds of hot stamping materials on or to be printed on various items, and also printed on it. Effect. The main component in the base film layer is (polyester film). It is mainly used to prevent the stretching and change during hot stamping during the hot stamping process, so that the hot stamping process is intact. There is no slight change due to high temperature. And high strength, high temperature resistance, tensile strength and other properties. The detachment layer should have better detachment performance, otherwise the image after hot stamping will be blurred, and the bottom will be embossed, which will affect the quality of the hot stamping product.

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