Butter Paper Slitting Rewinder

This butter paper slitting rewinder are high speed machines special for slitting rewinding very narrow width paper, tipping paper and film, as well as the aluminum foil. This machine speed up to 400m/min, normally use for cigarette and tobacco production industrial.

Product Details


1. Butter Paper Slitting Rewinder electrical control system adopts imported PLC centralized control. Human-machine conversation is advanced by touch screen and operating parameters are set and displayed in accordance with different requirements for products.

2. Tension of reel winding for double reel winding shafts pneumatic paper pressure roller is controlled by Servo motor. It can be set with taper mode automatic control.

3. Tension for reel unwinding adopts AC frequency conversion control, which can enable tension for reel unwinding to be constant and unchangeable. Loading and unloading for raw materials adopts shaft gas-cap clamping and atmospheric pressure for lifting.

4. It adopts imported photoelectric correcting system with high correcting accuracy.

5. It adopts round knife for slitting with good smoothness for slitting disc.

6. This machine combines optical, mechanical, electrical and gas as one which can achieve purpose for high-speed slitting.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


Butter Paper Slitting Rewinder three major solutions

Paper slitting machines are very common in our daily life. Do you know the three major problems of paper slitting machines? How should they be solved? Today we will come and see together.

The first common problem is that many users report why the paper cutting machine is not deformed when the paper core is not deformed.

To give customers simple control over how to prevent common problems with paper slitters. Paper slitting machine Generally speaking, if the original paper core is not deformed, it will not be too sharp when it is rotated, but if the time of the original paper is forced to clamp, the two sides will be unbalanced. Control will have a big impact, so the time to take the paper chuck should pay attention to the equalization of the paper core on both sides.

The second common question is why do the trays at both ends sometimes show burrs?

The width of the base paper in the paper slitting machine will generally be 3-5mm larger than the size of the above-mentioned standard. Under special conditions, it will jump out of this range. If the original paper size is 1185mm, we will adjust the knife to 1190, and the original paper may be larger than 1190. The paper tray on the side will show burrs. In this situation, you can stop the machine for a while and then run it for a while, tightening the two sides of the knife.

The third question is why the paper slitter cuts the paper tray on the right side for a while.

At the beginning of the operation, the strips at the edges are not tightened, and it is possible to prevent the strips from being properly inserted when cutting the strip at the beginning of the machine. Finally, the inner diameter of the paper core participating in the paper core is too large, so that the paper core cannot be locked after the air shaft is contracted, so that the paper core slides to form an offset during the rotation, and the processing method measures the inner diameter of the paper core by the time of the paper core sleeve intake shaft. .


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