Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder

Automatic paper slitter rewinder is top grade and high-quality model slitting machines, suitable for slitting and rewinding various kind of paper, label stock, plastic film, foil, metallized film, and others laminates etc. It is with five motor for automatic tension control, ultrasonic system for detect the unwind diameter, PLC touch screen for calculate the tension value change and give compensation. This HQG model with independent unwind unit and web guide, suit for big diameter of material, slitting speed up to 450m/min.

Product Details


1. Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder imports PLC for centralized control, with touch screen operation interface, is able to set working parameters and display working status in screen.

2. Main motor driven by the variable frequency motor, and controlled by the frequency inverter, fast and stable for acceleration and deceleration.

3. Rewinding adopts differential air shafts, driven by the variable frequency control motor, automatic tension control.

4. Unwinding is controlled by the inverter and driven by the variable frequency motors, automatic tension controlled.

5. Unwinding adopts shaft-less loading and unloading, hydraulic lifting, easy for efficient loading and unloading, with web guide system.





Volume operation program

1. The solid shaft that is prepared according to the process size requirements will be placed in the upper and lower take-up position and clamped.

2. The material roll is sent to the unwinding chuck position by the trolley. After the sleeve is aligned with the chuck, the clamp is clamped and the car is exited after confirmation.

3, the material is centered, and the outer ring of the material is removed. After the main operation is agreed, the belt should be worn. The belt should be balanced and carefully. The speed is controlled at 6-10m/min. When the belt is worn, the upper blade is lifted. After passing through, the center nip roller should be clamped, the tool holder should be lowered and the center position of the material roll should be further adjusted to make the two sides evenly cut. After the flat shape adjustment is flat, the upper rear force is applied to start the suction fan.

4. Appropriately adjust the three plate-type adjustment rollers on the inlet side. After the material coming out from the center roller is flattened, remove the excess part, retain about one-meter long aluminum foil, separate it, bypass the drive roller and press up and down as required. After the flat rolls are wound, they are wound on the take-up reel while the two rolls are clamped to take the tension.

5. Further confirm with the tape measure whether the cutting width meets the planning requirements.

6. After switching to the running state, it should be run at low speed to observe the quality of the cut product in a comprehensive way. In the shortest time, adjust the unwinding tension, take up the tension and pressure of each pressure roller to make the shape of the plate as smooth as possible. The pressure of each pressure roller can be individually adjusted by a potentiometer on the console.

7. Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder is forbidden to line the foil in the roll during the adjustment. The bottom will be hit within 30m. After confirming that there is no problem, the speed will be increased to the speed set by the process. If it exceeds 30m, the wrinkle bar will still be generated and must be stopped.


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