Atm Pos Slitter Rewinder

This atm pos slitter rewinder is suitable for slitting and rewinding record paper such as fax paper, computer print paper, electro-cardiogram printing paper, cash register roll paper, ATM roll apaper etc. This machine is equipped with automatic tension control and unwind auto-lifting system. the inverter and driven by the variable frequency motor, automatic tension controlled.

Product Details

Technical Specifications:


Cash register paper, as the name implies, refers to the paper roll for recording cashier details used in the cash register. It is mainly used to provide customers with a shopping list, which can be replaced after use.

Generally, the material of the cash register paper is the corresponding material suitable for the printing parts inside the cash register. For ordinary dot matrix printers, ordinary 1-3 layers of paper can be used for printing; for thermal head printers, only thermal paper can be used for printing.

For normal dot matrix printers, you need to use printing consumables such as ribbons and cash register paper.

Thermal head printers can be printed only with thermal paper, without the need for additional auxiliary supplies.


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