Tinplate High Speed Rotary Shear Cut to Length Line Machine

Tinplate High Speed Rotary Shear Cut to Length Line Machine

Rotary sheeting machine is professional equipment for jumbo roll paper sheet cutting into required size. This model is one type of economic in price and most reliable function paper cutter machine.

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We are committed to the industries and are constantly enhancing our business model in support of our core mission of highest quality slitter and rewinder machine, roll sheeter, flatbed cutting machine, lowest cost and shortest delivery time. We continue to achieve energy-saving technological innovation and strive to pursue green and low-carbon development. We take creating perfect products and improving the industry environment as our corporate mission, adhering to the eternal corporate values of integrity and innovation. We have constantly strengthened the construction of a team of high-quality innovative talents. Our products have novel structure, excellent performance and reliable quality, and are favored by customers all over the world.


This Rotary Sheeting Machine is fit for jumbo roll paper sheet into required size, with advanced technology from Europe, it has features of high speed, flexible unwinding unit, high production capacity and reliable working.





In the plastic classification, the code of PET is No. 1, which has a wide range of functions:

The main applications are electronic and electrical: electrical sockets, electronic connectors, rice cooker handles, TV deflection yokes, terminal blocks, circuit breaker housings, switches, motor fan housings, instrument mechanical parts, cash registers, electric irons, induction cookers Furnace accessories; flow control valves, carburetor covers, window controllers, pedal transmissions, switchboard covers in the automotive industry; machinery industrial gears, blades, pulleys, pump parts, and wheelchair bodies and wheels, lampshades Housing, illuminator housing, drain fittings, zippers, clock parts, sprayer parts.

In addition:

Can be spun into polyester fiber, ie polyester.

The film can be made into a substrate for recording, video, film, etc., an insulating film, a product package, and the like.

As a plastic, it can be blown into various bottles, such as cola bottles, mineral water bottles, and the like.

Can be used as electrical components, bearings, gears, etc.

Innovative, durable and cost-efficient products have secured us a position as a leading global manufacturer of Tinplate High Speed Rotary Shear Cut to Length Line Machine. It truly is a great way to improve our merchandise and repair. We have established a sales network all over the world, actively serve customers and develop products in line with market demand so as to achieve a win-win situation.


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