Pneumatic Driving Flatbed Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine of Lh-1080e

Pneumatic Driving Flatbed Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine of Lh-1080e

This flat bed die cutterr fits for cut cardboard and corrugated board, with compact design and high quality components, perfect for small size paper sheet converting.

Product Details

We are committed to becoming a benchmark in the flatbed die cutting machine, rotary shear slitting, die cutting machine with breaker industry. Relying on the continuous improvement of product quality and high-quality service concept, we have successively cooperated with many domestic and foreign merchants. After testing, our system is safe and reliable, its control performance is excellent, can improve production efficiency and stable product quality. We sincerely hope that we could do business with customers both at home and abroad. We have been actively promoting products and developing the market, collecting market information.

Technical Specifications:


Horizontal analysis of Flat Bed Die Cutter

The working principle of the Flat bed die cutter is that the paper feeder feeds the paper into the front gauge and the side specified position through the paper feeding part, and then the paper is sent to the die cutting mechanism for secondary positioning by the tooth row, and the die is cut. After cutting, the tooth row is sent to the waste disposal mechanism, and then the paper is removed after the waste is removed, thereby completing the die cutting operation. The technical level of China's fully automatic flat die cutting machine has been greatly improved, mainly in the following: the die cutting speed index of advanced enterprise equipment has reached N8000 sheets / hour. The die-cutting precision has reached ±0.1-0.2mm. Most of the fully-automatic flat-press die-cutting machines produced by enterprises have a stripping device. Other companies can manufacture die-cutting machines for holographic bronzing die-cutting. Some companies are able to manufacture die-cut corrugated fully automatic flat die-cutting machines and semi-automatic flat die-cutting machines.

We are responsible for every process of our Pneumatic Driving Flatbed Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine of Lh-1080e and go all out to continuously improve product quality. Our company will continue to attach importance to product development and innovation to create greater value for customers at home and abroad. We constantly improve our reward mechanism to stimulate our staff's enthusiasm for scientific research.


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