Paperboard Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Paperboard Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Flatbed Die Cutter for Corrugated Board is designed only for corrugated carton box, it is high speed automatic die cutter with four side stripping, as well as the finished sheet batch conveyor function.

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Our mission is to develop creative products to customers with a good experience for paper slitter, platen die cutter, center slitter rewinder. We are committed to providing customers with innovative solutions and aim to improve production efficiency. With a new and positive attitude, we are constantly introducing talents, advanced technology and scientific management concepts. Our company will steadily expand, build an efficient enterprise management platform with the effective integration of resources.

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Corrugated cardboard of Flatbed Die Cutter for Corrugated Board first began in the late 18th century. In the 19th century, it was found that corrugated cardboard not only has a light weight and a strong performance, but also has a lower price than ordinary materials, and has a simple manufacturing process and a wider use. Moreover, corrugated cardboard is not only a recyclable environmentally-friendly material composed of wood fibers that can be decomposed by natural action, but also can be reused without affecting its performance. Therefore, it is favored by people.

By the beginning of the 20th century, corrugated cardboard began to be comprehensively promoted, promoted and applied due to its unique properties and advantages in the use of corrugated cardboard packaging containers to beautify and protect the interior goods. The protective packaging outerwear has achieved unprecedented success in competition with a variety of packaging materials.

In the nearly two centuries, the expansion of the scale of the market, such as flooding, and the market coverage, corrugated cardboard has become one of the main materials for the production and packaging containers that have been used so far and are developing rapidly.

Continuous investment in research and development allows us to deliver innovative, efficient and practical Paperboard Rotary Die Cutting Machine that is manufactured to the strictest quality and safety standards. We will continue to create new value for the majority of customers, and wholeheartedly build our company into a well-known supplier in the industry. Many of our employees have backgrounds in multinational companies around the world.
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