Industrial Grade High Reliability Manual Sheet Feeding Paperboard Half Cut Die Cutting Machine with Ce Standard

Industrial Grade High Reliability Manual Sheet Feeding Paperboard Half Cut Die Cutting Machine with Ce Standard

This automatic paper die cutting machine can efficiently complete the die cutting and embossing of products,as well as maintaining the highest precision and product quality. It is well equipped and almost can adapt to all die cutting requirements of products.

Product Details

We uphold a consistent level of professionalism, high quality, credibility and service for paper roll slitting & rewinding machine, foil imprinting machine, Flute Laminator. Our company will actively expand the scale of the company according to the enterprise's own trade characteristics and product features. Our company has won a good reputation in the market with the business policy of genuine goods, considerate service and common development.


1. Automatic Paper Die Cutting Machine has high quality feeder which is made in Taiwan with 4 suction nozzle for stack paper and 4 suction nozzle for delivering paper, ensures stable and fast paper feeding .

2. Pre-loading unit, non-stop feeding, with Max pile height to 1600mm.

3. The pre-loading unit is equipped with guiding rails, operator move the stack paper to feeder accurately and conveniently.

4. Side and front guiding have sensor which can adjust the sensitivity.

5. The anti-obstacle device prevent the machine damaged.

6. Paper feeding will be slow down when the paper reach the front guiding, achieves more accurate location

7. Japanese NITA convey belt , the speed can be adjusted .

8. Germany made stainless steel is used for convey board in order to achieve smooth and quick paper delivery .

9. Pneumatic cutting plate lift for easy slide in and out .

10. Easy way to turn over and change die cutting chase and plate with short time .

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:

Automatic Paper Die Cutting Machine generally have the following major points:

1. According to your mold, choose the appropriate template (for the flat die-cutting machine, mainly the upper template, there are three thick, medium and thin: the thick plate is mainly the rubber plate mold, the middle plate is the AB mold, The sheet is a wooden board and an engraving board).

2. Raise the die-cutting machine mold base to the height of the used space of the mold (the so-called die-cutting decompression to the highest, pressurization to the lowest point).

3. Clean the upper and lower mold bases of the die-cutting machine to ensure that the work surface is clean to achieve the flatness of the mold.

4. Use a square ruler to stick the mold vertically to the appropriate position on the upper plate of the die-cutting machine (depending on the size of the die and the material to be materialized, generally centered as well), pay attention to the verticality of the die and the upper plate of the die-cutting machine. There are many kinds of adhesive tapes, such as professional adhesive mold tape (transferable glue), and many other double-sided adhesive edge materials.

5. Place one or two layers of die-cutting plate according to the position of the mold. You can choose hard board such as bakelite or PET to make the bottom plate.

6. Place a mold-adjusting material on the bottom plate, and gradually pressurize the die-cutting machine mold base until it is just pressed to the mold-adjusting material (the knife mark is good for visual inspection).

7. Look at the suppression of the mold-adjusting material, and then use a carbon paper pad to perform a single test under the mold-adjusting material, and print the stamping on the bottom plate clearly.

8. If the embossing is too deep, use a blade to scrape the bottom plate until it is parallel to the bottom surface. (Repeat the process of dressing, pressurizing, pressure test, etc., pay attention to the wide flat adjustment when scraping the line, avoid scraping the template in the form of small groove and uneven way) Adjust the mold to scrape the pad more, if To a little small position, according to the actual situation, the single-sided tape is raised, and a position is at most 1-2 layers of tape.

9. After the mold is adjusted, according to the broadband of the material, a positioning card is attached at a certain position outside the indentation of the bottom plate mold to facilitate material feeding.

10. Everything is ready for the material, and the material is loaded into the discharge rack, and the material is pulled according to the positioning of the card material.

11. Fix the approximate position first, pull in the pulling roller, and jog the pull switch to place the material parallel to the upper die.

12. Connect a piece of release paper or other waste material before production to reduce the loss of the main material and enter the normal production process.

We adhere to the enterprise spirit of 'honesty wins credibility, diligence creates brilliance', implements a market-oriented and technology-based business operation model, and strives to build a respected Industrial Grade High Reliability Manual Sheet Feeding Paperboard Half Cut Die Cutting Machine with Ce Standard manufacturer in the industry! Our company has always adhered to the market supply and demand oriented, in terms of quality and service, we achieve excellence to meet the needs of our customers. In the user first, the credibility of the supremacy of purpose and dedication to the province provide customers high quality, fast, user-friendly services.
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