Dual Helical Knife Sheeter

Dual Helical Knife Sheeter

Automatic paper roll sheeter is professional equipment for jumbo roll paper sheet cutting into required size. We are one of the largest paper sheeter exporter and manufacturer in China. This model one type of economic in price and most reliable function paper sheeter machine, suit for printed paper.

Product Details

We have accumulated a certain amount of knowledge and technology, and created Auto Die Cutter with blanking, rotary shear slitting, hot foil stamping machine automatic that meets customer needs with good technology and innovative spirit. With complete processing equipment and perfect testing facilities, we have established a good quality management and assurance system based on the accumulated experience over the years. We have established and improved the system of production, sales and after-sales service to ensure the interests of users from all aspects, and maximize the benefits of customers with high-quality products and comprehensive services. We continue to promote the reform of the technological innovation system and the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Faced with good opportunities and severe challenges, our company combines its own advantages to formulate a development strategy for economic globalization.


This Automatic Paper Roll Sheeter is fit for jumbo roll paper sheet into required size, with advanced technology from Europe, it has features of high speed, flexible unwinding unit, high production capacity and reliable working.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


Three types of packaging printing used in general burgers are hamburger paper, the second is hamburger bag and the third is platter paper. Hamburger paper is generally 40 grams, such as the cost of these packaging prints is extremely low, generally not more than 0.3 yuan, such as mass production can be cheap and wholesale. The number of hamburger paper specifications can be produced according to customer requirements. Many of the origins come from Wenzhou, which is known as the city of printing. It is cheap and good in products. The sale of hamburger paper burger bags can be a new point of entrepreneurship. At the cost point, the burger shop is now widely open in China. Third, it is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises or to create a new path for the 80/90 new students who are troubled by no funds.

We put our team's ideas and strength together and work hard for the production and development of high quality Dual Helical Knife Sheeter. Since the establishment of the company, we all take quality first, keep improving, delivery time accurate and customer satisfaction as the highest goal and are committed to all aspects of quality improvement. We adhere to the R&D philosophy according to which stability is better than anything and innovation continues to grow in the industry.


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