Cutting Machine for Thermal Paper Mills

Cutting Machine for Thermal Paper Mills

This atm paper roll slitting machine is suitable for slitting and rewinding record paper such as fax paper, computer print paper, electro-cardiogram printing paper, cash register roll paper, ATM roll apaper etc. This machine is equipped with automatic tension control and unwind auto-lifting system. the inverter and driven by the variable frequency motor, automatic tension controlled.

Product Details

We firmly believe that people's character creates the cause and the high-quality jumbo roll slitter rewinder, center slitter rewinder, cardboard die cutting machine open up the market. We carry forward the spirit of down-to-earth and diligent, and continue to lead the market. Our company has the right to import and export, advanced machinery and equipment, experienced technical personnel, modern management mode and strong financial strength. Our products, with their novel structure, easy maintenance and use, reliable quality and performance, are well liked by our customers. We will actively promote technological innovation, strengthen basic management, and improve control level.

Technical Specifications:


How can the Atm Paper Roll Slitting Machine go further in a competitive environment?

What is the future trend of the slitte rewinder? What is the technical process of the slitter rewinder? Only by keeping up with the pace of the times and constantly innovating technology can we gain a firm foothold and then analyze and predict the technical process of the slitter. Market direction. The technical process measures whether the company is advanced, whether it is market competitive, and whether it can continue to lead competitors.

With the rapid development of China's cutting market, related core production technology applications and research and development will become the focus of the industry.

Understanding the research and development trends, process equipment, technology applications and trends of cutting and slitting machine core technologies at home and abroad is essential for enterprises to improve product specifications and improve market competitiveness.

The foreground of the slitting machine comes from the application field of slitting machine products, downstream products, domestic and foreign production status, domestic potential manufacturers, foreign manufacturers and scale, domestic and foreign production trends, market conditions and forecasts, supply and demand analysis and forecast, domestic Demand, as well as many other aspects of the market conditions and direction of the slitter product, can be used as an important decision reference for the trend of slitting machining technology.

Relying on advanced technical strength, honest service concept and first-class market development ability, Cutting Machine for Thermal Paper Mills are popular in domestic and foreign markets. At present, we are marching forward in a new era and striding on a new journey with confidence and boldness. We take quality assurance and service first as our primary goal.


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