Craft Paper Die Cutting Machine

Craft Paper Die Cutting Machine

This corrugated die cutting machine is special equipment for packing products such as cartons and paper boxes. Gripper bars with high intensity are applicable to all kinds of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated paper. This corrugated die cutting machine with manual feeding, and automatic die cutting stripping.

Product Details

We will relentlessly pursue technological and managerial innovation, and make every effort to promote our Automatic Paper Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine, Single Knife Sheeter, thermal paper roll cutting machine upgrading and industry development. We pay attention to protecting the environment while developing the economy. We hope that on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, we will sincerely cooperate with all walks of life and contribute to the society with better products and services.


1. The Corrugated Die Cutting Machine is equipped with front conveyor delivery mechanism.

2. The two groups of pressing wheels and two times positioning function will make the products more flat,

and improve the accuracy and speed.

3. The machine’s development is combined with advantages of similar products in domestic and overseas,

is special equipment for packing products such as cartons and paper boxes.

4. Gripper bars with high intensity are applicable to all kinds of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated paper. Frontal,

back and side registration mechanism ensures great precision of die cutting.

5. Other parts are adopted such as intermittent mechanism with high precision, pneumatic clutch and pneumatic closed up

mechanism, programmable controller and man-machine interface.

6. The interface can display various digital information of machine such as working speed, amount of paper processed,

total running time, etc. It is easy to eliminate troubles according to the display of trouble shooting.

7. Transducer is adopted to control the main motor in achieving step-less speed variation.

Technical Specifications:


The Corrugated Die Cutting Machine technology is widely used, mainly including lithographic die-cutting and circular die-cutting. Among them, die-cutting includes three methods: flat flattening, round flattening and circular die-cutting.

Flat die cutting

Flat die cutting adopts flat die and flat die cutter. When die cutting, the blade cuts through the whole corrugated board at the same time. The die cutting precision is the highest, the use surface is wide, and the adhesive, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and other materials are used. Can be applied. The flat die cutting machine has the vertical semi-automatic die-cutting machine and the horizontal automatic die-cutting machine. The vertical die-cutting equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy operation and replacement of the die-cutting indentation plate, but the labor intensity of the process is relatively high. Large, low production efficiency, the number of work per minute is 20 to 30 times, often used in small batch production and processing. The overall structure of the horizontal flat-pressing press is similar to that of a sheet-fed offset press. The whole machine consists of a cardboard automatic input system, a molded part, a cardboard output part, and electrical control, mechanical transmission, etc., and some also have an automatic stripping device. The work is safe and reliable, with high automation and high production efficiency.

We change our single output of Craft Paper Die Cutting Machine for customers to the direction of providing products and services integrated with products, operation and maintenance support, and technology enhancement. Our company has a complete organization and strong technical force, has the ability to continuously develop and research new products of science and technology and has testing equipment and means and has a professional, high-quality design and production team. Our company not only brings direct taxation, employment promotion, and industrial chain driving effects to the country where it is located.


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