Conveyor Belt Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine for Roll Material

Conveyor Belt Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine for Roll Material

This corrugated die cutter is designed only for corrugated carton box, it is high speed automatic die cutter with four side stripping, as well as the finished sheet batch conveyor function.

Product Details

After years of hard work, our sales network is quite sound and our Die Cutting Machine Manufacturers, die cutting machine label, reel to sheet paper cutting machine sells well in domestic and international markets. Our company has the right to import and export, sea and land transportation is very convenient, our geographical location is unique. Since the establishment of the company with a good reputation and quality service, we have established a long-term stable business trade partnership with manufacturers in various regions.

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Corrugated cardboard (box) is recognized worldwide as a green packaging product. However, with the increasing environmental protection concept, coupled with the increasing shortage of global forest resources and the increasing shortage of land and resources, the harvesting of wood required for the production of carton paper is increasingly restricted in many countries, resulting in corrugated box wood. The source of the fiber is severely affected.

At present, the annual demand for corrugated paper products in the world has reached 100 million metric tons, of which the United States accounts for about 31%, Europe includes about 25% in Eastern Europe, China is about 10%, and Japan is 9%. Developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan, due to their high domestic manufacturing costs, manufacturing industries moving outward, their customer base is reduced, the annual growth rate of corrugated paper products will be low or even negative growth. Conversely, countries with low manufacturing costs, such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, have more room for growth in corrugated paper.

Pursuing excellence is the core value of our Conveyor Belt Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine for Roll Material, which lays the foundation for corporate development. We have long-term technical cooperation with outstanding companies in the industry. Combined with the actual needs of the market, we continue to upgrade product quality. A high starting point, high quality, and high reputation are our eternal pursuit.


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