CNC Automatic Hydraulic Press Rolling Folding/Bending/Slitting Machine Digital-Control Folder

CNC Automatic Hydraulic Press Rolling Folding/Bending/Slitting Machine Digital-Control Folder

High speed slitting machine is top grade high quality model slitting machines, suitable for slitting and rewinding various kind of paper, label stock, plastic film, foil, metallized film, and others laminates etc. This model is upgrade model base one HQG, which difference is the rewind diameter up to 800-1000mm, and with chain system for automatic unload the finish rolls, slitting speed up to 450m/min.

Product Details

We are a leading manufacturer of roll to roll rewinding machine, Folio Size Sheeter, pvc slitting machine, have advanced technology and pre-sales and after sale service. We will formulate corresponding return visit methods according to the types of customers, mainly by telephone return visit. We have been focusing on customer service, win-win cooperation and long term development. With excellent processing equipment, advanced engineering technicians, scientific manufacturing technology and quality management system, we can offer high-end products to our customers!


1. High Speed Slitting Machine import PLC for centralized control, with touch screen operation interface, is able to set working parameters and display working status in screen.

2. Main motor driven by the variable frequency motor, and controlled by the frequency inverter, fast and stable for acceleration and deceleration.

3. Rewinding adopts differential air shafts, driven by the variable frequency control motor, automatic tension control.

4. Unwinding adopts shaft-less loading and unloading, hydraulic lifting, easy for efficient loading and unloading, with web guide system.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:



1. Cold stamping does not require a heated copper plate or plate cylinder. The plate is an ordinary letterpress plate (usually a flexo plate), whereas traditional bronzing must heat the plate.

2. Cold bronzing requires the use of liquid UV adhesives and special structure of anodized aluminum, while conventional bronzing hot melt adhesives are pre-coated on the back of anodized aluminum.

3. Since the printing plate does not need heating, it not only reduces the energy consumption, but also can process some materials that cannot be processed by the traditional hot stamping process, such as heat sensitive materials and thin, heat-deformable film materials.

We are committed to producing high-quality technologically leading CNC Automatic Hydraulic Press Rolling Folding/Bending/Slitting Machine Digital-Control Folder to enhance customer experience and gain their support. Fierce market competition and strong technological change make the construction of enterprise marketing service channel more important. Giving full play to the enthusiasm of employees is not only an important principle of enterprise management, but also the purpose of enterprise management.


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