Automatic Plastic Film Paper Slitting Machine for Sale

Automatic Plastic Film Paper Slitting Machine for Sale

This plastic film slitter rewinder applicable for slitting and rewinding various material, such as self-adhesive paper, labelstock, BOPP film, PET film, CPP film, PVC film etc. It is with three motor for automatic tension control, PLC touch screen for calculate the tension value change and give compensation.

Product Details

Based on the reference and absorption of foreign advanced technology, our company has made improvements and re-innovations, and developed automatic die cutting machine with blanking, roll paper sheeter, label roll rewinder with more stable performance. Limit efforts, the ultimate pursuit, our company will always forge ahead, casting one after another classic in the industry. Sincerely hope to build long term business relationships with you and we will do our best service for you. Our development goal is to build the enterprise into an international first-class enterprise group with integration advantages and service capabilities. Since its establishment, our company has been pursuing the novelty and usability of products as the enterprise development goal and to establish the industry image.


1. Plastic Film Slitter Rewinder imported PLC integrated control is used in electrical control system, human-machine communication is carried out by touch screen. Set and display working parameters according to requirements from different products

2. Vector frequency-inverter is adopted for rewinding, material roll diameter is automatically calculate by PLC to achieve automatic tension control

3. Vector frequency-inverter is adopted for unwinding, motor active unwinding, material roll diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve automatic tension control

4. The independent unwind part use shaftless pneumatic insert system, convenience for loading and unloading the jumbo roll. Unwind with automatic web guide

5. Special slip pneumatic shaft for rewind, doctor knife and round blade changing system for slitting. This makes the rewind rolls surface even and nice tension.

6. Rewind and unwind part can running two direction, go forward and back

7. PLC calculates the counting meter, roll diameter. Machine will stop when lack of material

8. This machine has perfect design and good safety protection

9. There are many different models such as 1300,1500,1700mm available slitter rewinder.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


Everyone should know that the WENZHOU KEEPON plastic film slitter rewinder is used to cut all kinds of tapes, especially for cutting high-precision electronic adhesive materials. Such as double-sided tape, masking tape, cloth tape, PVC tape, PET tape, foam tape, 3M tape series, polyester film tape, gold finger, PE protective film, aluminum foil, copper foil, non-woven fabric, release Paper, etc.


Process requirements for slitting machine:

1. Plastic Film Slitter Rewinder should stop the whole length or the whole original data from cutting and cutting. For example, plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, film, leather, wood chips, etc. should be cut and cut, and fixed length cutting should be used. control.

2. The control of the fixed length slitter is divided into static and dynamic slitting: precise stop when the set length arrives, then static slitting processing, restart after the slitting; when the set length arrives, no The cutting signal is sent out at the stop, and the slitting machine dynamically cuts the machining during the data movement.

3. The most important performance index of the fixed length slitting machine is the cutting precision and the divergence of the waste length.

4. The length of the slitting machine can be set continuously. If there is an error in the length of the slitting, it is easy to stop the calibration by setting the parameters.

Our company puts customers and their needs in the first place, and with our strong strength in application and sales experts' all-round consultation as well as outstanding service, we will be your most reliable partner in the field of Automatic Plastic Film Paper Slitting Machine for Sale. Our company constantly innovates the old and brings forth the new, sets the domestic and foreign technology superiority, draws lessons from others' strong points. We know that the only way to keep the company alive and vibrant is to adhere to the people-oriented approach and fully respect, trust, care and develop people.
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