Automatic Label/Tags/Hangtags/Cosmetic/Medicine Box/Paper Cup Die Cutting Creasing Machine

Automatic Label/Tags/Hangtags/Cosmetic/Medicine Box/Paper Cup Die Cutting Creasing Machine

This flat bed die cutting machine is necessary equipment for printing finishing such as die cutting, creasing and embossing etc. Unique drive gears are adopted high-precision indexing mechanism, pneumatic clutch, overload protection, automatic compression relief etc, to ensure stable and high speed running of the machine. This machine is equipped with practical and reliable mechanism such as pre-stack device, secondary delivery mechanisms, manual sampling etc, which ensure the excellent performance of the machine. Electrical components and driving parts use world well-known brands to ensure die cutting precision and reliability. Also man-machine interface is able to monitor machine running status, trouble shooting and indicating relevant help information which fully actualized man-machine communication.

Product Details

We'll make every effort and hard work to be superb and excellent, and speed up our steps for standing inside the rank of intercontinental top-grade and high-tech enterprises for foil stamping and embossing machine, film slitting machine, plastic roll cutter machine. We have a complete organizational structure. In the process of mutual growth with users, partners, and employees, we have formed a common and persistent belief. Through the cooperation of diversified communication and promotion combination, we make our customer market and consumer market promote each other, ensure the accurate and intuitive communication effect, and enhance our high-quality image. With your support, we will build a better tomorrow!

Technical Specifications:

Horizontal analysis of flat bed die cutting machine

The basic parts of the Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine are mostly made of steel wall panels and processed by machining centers. Accuracy and rigidity are fully guaranteed. The technical difficulties of the automatic flat die cutting machine are as follows: cam intermittent mechanism, chain guide rail, and crepe paper row have our own patented technology and intellectual property rights. The touch screen technology, frequency conversion speed regulation technology and programmable controller technology are widely used on the equipment, and the stability and reliability of the equipment are greatly improved. The export of molding equipment has increased year by year, and the fact that imports have fallen sharply in 2004 has proved that the technical level of domestic automatic flat die cutting machines is increasing the recognition of users.

In order to ensure the quality of this type of flat bed die cutting machine, the National Printing Machinery Standardization Technical Committee has formulated relevant technical standards at the end of the last century, including JB/T8161998 flat die-cutting machine and JB/T9151999 flat-pressing hot stamping machine. It is used to guide the production and national quality supervision and inspection.

We adopt a high-efficiency manufacturing system to continuously improve the quality of Automatic Label/Tags/Hangtags/Cosmetic/Medicine Box/Paper Cup Die Cutting Creasing Machine, update design concepts, and improve service systems. Our company will strictly abide by the promise, actively forge ahead, further increase research and development investment, develop better products to share with users, and wholeheartedly provide the best service for them. Our company has a complete and scientific quality management system.


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