Servo Paper Sheeter Machine

Servo paper sheeter machine is suit for paper roll to sheet cutting into sized paper. It is one of most advanced and high precision type of paper sheeting machine in the world. It is suitable for high precision paper size required converting company, the sheet cutting paper can directly for offset printing machine.

Product Details


1. Servo Paper Sheeter Machine adopts nodular cast iron-QT500-7, original paper frame clamp arms casting by special technology process, thus featuring by high strength, never deformation and ensure the safety of original paper frame clamp arms.

2. The whole machine all uses SKF\NSK Original imported bearings.

3. The whole machine uses original parts imported from France Schneider, Japanese OMRON and Japanese SMC etc. The conveyor belt is imported from Japan.

4. Cutting precision is depended on the density, roll number and material of paper roll, ±0.2mm for 1000mm, ±0.1% for over1000mm, and ±0.1% for acceleration or deceleration.

5. Equipped with touch-screen operation interface in both Chinese and English, or other language.

Technical Specifications:


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Detection method

Answer: The detection methods commonly used in machine tool electrical faults mainly include voltage method, resistance method, short circuit method, open circuit method and current method.

1. Voltage method

The method of measuring the voltage value of a certain point on the line by the meter to determine the range of the electrical fault point of the machine tool or the component fault is called voltage method or voltage measurement method.

2. Resistance method

The method of using the meter to measure the on/off of a point or a component on a line to determine the point of failure is called the resistance method.

3. Short circuit method

A method or component that suspects that a fault has occurred temporarily short-circuited, and observes whether there is a change in the fault state to determine the fault location. When the short circuit method is used to check the multi-stage circuit, short-circuit a certain service, the fault disappears or decreases significantly, indicating that the fault is before the short-circuit point, and the fault does not change after the short-circuit point. If the output potential of a certain stage is not normal, the input end of the stage is short-circuited. When the output potential is normal, the circuit of this stage is normal. The short circuit method is also commonly used to check whether the components are normal. For example, the base and emitter of the crystal tertiary tube are short-circuited with tweezers, and the change of the collector voltage is observed to judge whether the tube has amplification effect. In the TTL digital integrated circuit, the short circuit method is used to judge whether the gate circuit and the flip-flop can work normally. The thyristor control electrode and the cathode are short-circuited to determine whether the thyristor is inoperative or the like. In addition, some instruments (such as electronic potentiometer) input terminals can be short-circuited, and the meter indicates changes to determine whether the meter is interfered.

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