Servo Control Paper Sheeter

Servo control paper sheeter is suit for paper roll to sheet cutting into sized paper. It is one of most advanced and high precision type of paper sheeting machine in the world. It is suitable for high precision paper size required converting company, the sheet cutting paper can directly for offset printing machine.

Product Details


1. Servo Control Paper Sheeter adopts nodular cast iron-QT500-7, original paper frame clamp arms casting by special technology process, thus featuring by high strength, never deformation and ensure the safety of original paper frame clamp arms.

2. The whole machine all uses SKF\NSK Original imported bearings.

3. The whole machine uses original parts imported from France Schneider, Japanese OMRON and Japanese SMC etc. The conveyor belt is imported from Japan.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


The tension controller is a system developed by a single chip microcomputer or some embedded devices and peripheral circuits. It is a control instrument that can directly set the tension value required to be controlled, and then directly input the signal of the tension sensor (generally As the tension feedback value, after the deviation is obtained by comparison, it is input to the controller such as PID for processing, and is output to the peripheral actuator as much as possible to achieve the minimum deviation and the system response is very fast.

The tension controller adopts graphic liquid crystal display, which can be displayed in Chinese and English. The interface is friendly and easy to use. It can output 0--24V/4A direct drive magnetic powder clutch, magnetic powder brake, and can also output 0--5V, -5V- -+5V signal, control inverter, servo motor or other actuators, high-precision tension control of the coiling system.

Uses: It can be widely used in winding and unwinding control in paper, printing, packaging, textile printing and dyeing industries.


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