Rotary Paper Sheeter

Rotary paper sheeter is professional equipment for jumbo roll paper sheet cutting into required size. This model is one type of economic in price and most reliable function paper cutter machine.

Product Details


This Rotary Paper Sheeter is fit for jumbo roll paper sheet into required size, with advanced technology from Europe, it has features of high speed, flexible unwinding unit, high production capacity and reliable working.





The high-precision double-turn rotary cutter is a carton processing machine. The cross-cutting machine in the corrugated board production line is the mechanical equipment for the cutting of the finished cardboard. The technical performance and the adjustment of the equipment directly affect whether the cutting size of the finished cardboard is accurate, whether the pressing line is broken and whether the appearance of the slit is smooth and beautiful.

High-precision double-rotation cross-cutting machine classification:

The high-precision double-turn rotary cutter is one of the important single machines for the corrugated board production line. The cross-cutting machine has different mechanical control modes, and is divided into a mechanical cross-cutting machine and a computer-controlled cross-cutting machine. The computer cross-cutting machine is controlled by the industrial control computer. According to the set length, the cutter shaft is controlled to cut the cardboard, and the precision transmission of the mechanical part can control the cutting error within ±1mm. The computer controlled cross cutting machine has a spiral cutter cross cutter and a straight knife cross cutter. The spiral cutter cross-cutting machine is more suitable for high-speed cutting of thick cardboard, and the cutting paper is stable and the blade has a long service life.


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