Rotary High Speed Sheeting Machine

Rotary high speed sheeting machine is suitable for paper roll to sheet cutting into sized paper, it is upgrade base on CM model sheeting machine, better precision and higher speed up to 350cuts/min, it is for big capacity paper converting company.

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Rotary High Speed Sheeting Machine applies the advanced technical of Germany and England. The machine computer control system applies Servo motor and AC transducer which are both international of top brand. The conveyer belt applies NITTA from Japan. The pneumatic vibrator applies FINDEVA from Switzerland. The electrical system adopts SCHNEIDER & OMRON, the speed of cutting paper is so fast and stable. Germany precise bearing and cutting knife assure the high cutting precision. The touch screen makes the operation easy. The anti-curve rack assures the paper flat. This machine is the paper processing machine which is very popular in the paper making and printing industry. It can improve the efficiency and benefit of your work.

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