Paper Sheet Cutting Machine

Paper sheet cutting machine is applied to sheet cut of the color printed laminated film, paper and board reel materials. Machine adopts the up and down cutting knife, it is economic paper sheeter with speed 100m/min.

Product Details


This Paper Sheet Cutting Machine is applied to sheet cut of the color printed laminated film, paper and board reel materials. It has the features of synchronous (or actuating motor) controlling fixed length cut, photocell EPC (web guide), rolling material, pneumatic lifting system, operating platform automatic up and down, automatic paper delivery system. It is simple to operate, easy to maintain, consistent reliable and ease of use are enhanced by servo drive system and user-friendly operator controls. It has excellent cut quality and with very attractive price, is good choice for in house paper converting for printing and packaging company.

Technical Specifications:


The tension control system is a special follow-up system whose input quantity changes according to an adjustable attenuation law. Therefore, it is necessary to start from the rolling process point of view when designing, and find that the object model parameters of the tension closed-loop control are different. The tension setting, the cross-sectional area of the sheet, the material, especially the rolling speed, the reduction ratio, and the like vary, and sometimes the range of variation is quite large, so that it is difficult to satisfy the tension control in a full range using a tension adjuster with a fixed parameter. Precision. Once the rolling speed is increased, the tension is not easily stabilized and the tape is easily broken. This problem is related to many factors, but it can always be considered to be closely related to the accuracy of the tension control system. To this end, the tension adjuster is used to adapt to the actual process parameters, and the tension accuracy can be maintained substantially unchanged. The tension control obtains the object model after online calculation according to the process condition, and then adjusts the tension adjuster parameters online.

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