Jumbo Paper Roll Sheeter

Jumbo paper roll sheeter is professional equipment for jumbo roll paper sheet cutting into required size. This model is one type of economic in price and most reliable function paper cutter machine.

Product Details


This Jumbo Paper Roll Sheeter is fit for jumbo roll paper sheet into required size, with advanced technology from Europe, it has features of high speed, flexible unwinding unit, high production capacity and reliable working.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


The Jumbo Paper Roll Sheeter is a paper processing equipment that slits and rewinds wide webs into rolls of varying widths and diameters. Widely used in the paper processing industry or prepress printing machinery.

The main structure and its working principle:

The paper slitting machine is composed of a frame, a transmission system, a receiving and discharging machine and a tension control device, a traction member, a slitting bracket, a waste winding and a discharge device. It divides the raw materials into several independent units. The working principle is to fix the raw materials on the discharge and the end of the discharge shaft is equipped with a magnetic powder tension controller to constant the tension required by the raw materials, and then towed by a pair of rubber rollers. Raw materials are cut into several pieces by a blade. Then, the guide rollers are guided to the A and B winding reels to wind up the finished product. Its transmission is driven by the main motor to drive the rubber roller and the receiving shaft to run synchronously to achieve the purpose of pulling the material and receiving the finished product.


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