Dual Rotary Blade Sheeting Machine

Dual rotary blade sheeting machine is suit for paper roll to sheet cutting into sized paper. It is one of most advanced and high precision type of paper sheeting machine in the world. It is suitable for high precision paper size required converting company, the sheet cutting paper can directly for offset printing machine.

Product Details


1. Dual Rotary Blade Sheeting Machine adopts nodular cast iron-QT500-7, original paper frame clamp arms casting by special technology process, thus featuring by high strength, never deformation and ensure the safety of original paper frame clamp arms.

2. The whole machine all uses SKF\NSK Original imported bearings.

3. The whole machine uses original parts imported from France Schneider, Japanese OMRON and Japanese SMC etc. The conveyor belt is imported from Japan.

4. Cutting precision is depended on the density, roll number and material of paper roll, ±0.2mm for 1000mm, ±0.1% for over1000mm, and ±0.1% for acceleration or deceleration.

5. Equipped with touch-screen operation interface in both Chinese and English, or other language.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:


The Dual Rotary Blade Sheeting Machine is mainly used in the paper cutting industry. It is a paper that cuts the web into the size required by the customer. It belongs to the category of the paper cutter. The paper cutter can be divided into a tissue paper cutter according to the purpose. Industrial paper cutters, according to the control method can be divided into: mechanical paper cutter, hydraulic paper cutter, digital paper cutter and program-controlled paper cutter, and the cutter cross cutter is a program-controlled paper cutter one kind.

The cross cutting of the hob is continuous cutting with a hob, which greatly improves the efficiency and can reach 350-400 m/min. With the improvement of the mechanical structure and the application of the servo, the precision of the paper cutting is close to the effect of the straight knife, about ±0.3 mm.


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