What Is A High Speed Slitter

- Jul 01, 2019-

High-speed slitter is a kind of slitter. High-speed slitter is a kind of high-efficiency and high-precision processing equipment. Its greatest advantages are paperless processing, neat paper folding, specifications can be adjusted at any time, flexible application.

When using the cutting machine to pay attention to the following details, we can pay attention to several aspects.

1. Check whether the number of joints in the product is the same as the number of joints in the product itself. If the hot-melt coating machine can't roll back immediately, it will prevent the internal connectors from entering the product.

2. According to the characteristics of semi-finished products, adjust the EPC equipment to ensure that the EPC photoelectric is always on the tracking line, hand-pulled low-end film low-speed start film is normal.

3. Stop pressing the stop button, unload the hand is not allowed to touch the scroll, so that the finger is grasped.

4. Start slowly, observe whether the cutting film meets the quality requirements, then slowly accelerate the cutting start, machine operation, strictly prohibit manual access to the machine, in order to avoid back pressure to the back.

5. Material tray opens (together) to an appropriate width, and the film cut by the semi-finished product will be placed on the bracket. When the material must remain in the volume of the film, do not let two people prevent the hand from being grasped by the cylinder at the same time.

6. Photoelectric return to the central position to ensure that the slider is in the proper position in the middle of the slider.

7. In order to meet the wear specifications of the paper tube on the receiving axis and meet the product requirements, the paper tube is started at a low speed on the upper and lower receiving axles of the paper tube in accordance with the normal traction mode. The appropriate position of the paper tube on the receiving axle is found and marked for the next installation. When installing the paper tube, the surface of the paper tube must be grasped to prevent the paper from sliding. All cutting films lead to scrolls according to operation requirements. The wear film on the machine is not allowed to have blades to protect scratches.

8. Install the cutter in the proper position according to the task requirements, fasten the blade, then start at low speed, and cut the semi-finished products into the required specifications.

9. Turn on the machine according to the power supply, set the tension according to the requirement of task setting, automatically stop the number of counter and the thickness of material, and turn on photoelectricity.