Two Ways Of Printing: Flexo Printing And Offset Printing

- Jun 05, 2020-


Common printing methods for packaging printing: Fexo printing

1. The equipment is simple in structure and easy to form a production line. Among the three printing equipments of offset printing, concave printing and flexographic printing, the flexographic printing machine has the simplest structure. Therefore, the price of the flexo printing machine is relatively low, and the equipment investment of the printing enterprise is small. At the same time, because the equipment is simple, easy to use and operate, and easy to maintain. At present, most of the flexo printing machines are connected with processing technologies such as Tang Jin, glazing, cutting, slitting, die cutting, indentation, punching, and window opening to form production lines. Greatly improve labor productivity.

2. Wide range of applications and substrates. Flexo can print almost all printed materials and use all substrates. Corrugated paper printing in packaging printing is unique here.

3. Water-based inks are widely used. Among the three printing methods of offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing, only flexographic printing currently widely uses water-based inks. Non-toxic and non-polluting, which is beneficial to the protection of the environment and is particularly suitable for packaging and printing.

4. Lower cost. The low cost of flexo printing has formed a broad consensus abroad.

Commonly used printing methods for packaging printing: Offset printing

Offset printing is mainly used for printing paper-based materials. Printing on plastic films has many limitations. The printing format of the sheet-fed offset printing machine can be changed and is more flexible. At present, the printing format of most web offset presses is fixed. Its application is limited. With the development of technology, the web offset press is also continuously improved. Now we have successfully developed a web offset press that can change the printing format. At the same time, it successfully developed a web offset printing machine with seamless cylinder. The printing cylinder of this web offset press is seamless, and in this respect it is already the same as the web gravure press. Offset presses are also continuously improved in printing functions. After improving and adding some parts, corrugated cardboard can be printed. After improvement and installation of UV drying device, you can print UV prints. The above improvements continue to expand the use of offset presses in the field of packaging and printing. Water-based inks for offset printing will soon be put into practical use. Offset printing is another step here.