Slitter Operating Procedure

- Jul 05, 2019-

1. Operators must be trained and then posted. You must be familiar with using different cutting machines! Equipment performance and general maintenance methods. Persons who do not belong to this category shall not act at will.

2. Do a good job of pre-labor protection, prepare some auxiliary tools and materials (transfer tools, cartons, paper tubes, paper knives, tape, etc.) requirements, and put them in the appropriate position machine.

3. Ensure that the equipment is in a safe state, turn on the electrical switch, check whether the circuit is clean or not smoothly, and check whether the electrical and mechanical equipment is running normally by the testing machine. Perfect mechanical protection facilities. During operation, prevent breakage, scratch or rotation of gears, drums, etc.

4. Adjust the knife: Adjust the precise tool spacing according to the operation requirements, pay attention to the direction of the knife. If necessary, put the knife at the end of the knife, and the knife has clearance or not sharp. Practically repair and replace the knife.

5. Check the static elimination of grounding connection between equipment and machine to ensure the static elimination operation. Place the machine under waste paper to prevent dust from adsorbing.

6. Pay attention to safety when loading. Push the material to the appropriate position to inflate, note that the direction of rotation of the material can not be reversed.

7. Paper and opposite: Material from the direction of equipment from unfolding to winding, and adjust the side correction position, pruning to ensure the completion of double-sided glue, material must pay attention to the correct journey. It must reach the middle of the deviation, and pay attention to the right side of the operation. If it exceeds the distance, it will be cut off and handled immediately.

8. Put the paper tube on the reel and align the material. If you need to paste double-sided adhesive, you must paste it on the double-sided adhesive, adjust the appropriate winding tension and unwinding tension, and trim it.

9. Strictly test the quality of products in the cleaning process. No defective or waste stolen goods or side products are allowed to enter the products. Meanwhile, the metre number is strictly controlled.

10. Close the unloading of the material and pull the material out of the inflatable shaft. Graphic inkjet picture material must wear good gloves and do not leave fingerprints on the product.

11. Perfect packaging according to production requirements, including labeling, packaging paper or film, sealing, etc.

12. Turn off the power supply and air supply after shutdown, and carry out necessary cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Do not use knives on oversized drums, and use solvent to wipe off glue on the equipment.

13. In principle, the problems encountered in the operation should be handled decisively.