Safety Operating Regulations For Setting Control Of Slitter

- Jul 13, 2019-

1. Set the slicing menu according to the film type, thickness, length and width arranged in the slicing plan sheet.

2. Put forward the corresponding BOPP film files from PDF.

3. Set the winding length and width of the film with corresponding specifications.

4. Choose the appropriate winding position, adjust the roll arm and roll, and install the corresponding specifications of paper core.

There are three common ways of segmentation:

1. Edge cutting: A variety of materials are compounded to form process edges. By cutting process reserved process edges, products meeting process requirements are obtained. This cutting method is mostly used in the processing of composite film and other materials.

2. Cutting coil: The whole coil with wide width is cut into multi-roll narrow-gauge coils by means of a high-speed rotary knife. This kind of slitting method is mostly used in adhesive products industry.

3. Rewinding: According to the requirements of rewinding length and width, large-diameter materials are divided into multi-volume and small-diameter materials. This slitting method is mostly used in film substrate and soft packaging color printing industry.