Printing Basic Technology: Main Structure Of Slitter

- Jun 22, 2019-

The main part of the slitting machine: mainly adopts 5KW motor, adopts electronic speed regulation system, and manually adjusts the speed of the machine when used. 

Guide roller part: The whole machine adopts chrome-plated steel pipe, each of which is treated by dynamic balance. Slitting; widely used in bags, daily necessities, protective goods, environmental bags, stationery, plastics, paper mills and other industries.

Frame part: The machine is welded with thick steel plate to make it firm and angle balanced, so that the machine can work smoothly at high speed. 

Rewinding part: Rewinding adopts 3 inch air expanding reel and magnetic powder tension controller. This machine has simple operation of slitting and wrapping edge bar, and the maximum rewinding diameter can reach 600 mm. 

Rewinding part: Rewinding adopts 3 inch air expanding reel, the maximum diameter of rewinding can reach 600 mm, equipped with magnetic powder tension controller and automatic side-to-side device. 

Cutter part: Cutter can use industrial surgical blade or flat knife (artistic blade), the distance can be adjusted to 18 mm - 1600 mm.