Performance And Characteristics Of Film Coating Machine

- Aug 01, 2019-

1. The machine adopts micro-computer control, A4 photocopying paper cutting machine performance indicators and characteristics:

2. Central coiling mode. The main engine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. Slitting machine

3. This machine adopts PLC touch screen control and servo motor. Controlled length cutting.

4. Using pneumatic and photoelectric sensors, such as centralized control transmission system. This collector of light, electricity and gas. Easy to operate, high cutting accuracy and circular knife seam (or flat structure) with 5, mechanical stability automatic waste discharge. Low noise,

6. Motor variable frequency speed regulation, manual feed (or pneumatic automatic material) reel equipped with conical sleeve air expansion shaft (3,6), automatic meter. Alarm function. Rewinding adopts photoelectric correction compiler system, normal partition or irregular material (pneumatic and hydraulic system).

7. Tension controller of magnetic powder clutch. Automatic counting, alarm stop. Tension control of magnetic powder. Rewinding and b-axis (inflatable)

8. Vertical slicing. Waste side fans are automatically excluded.

SWAFM-1050 Automatic thermal film Laminating machine - 副本