Pay Attention To Safety Matters When Using High-speed Slitting Machine

- May 29, 2020-


01. Check whether the number of joints on the cross-section of the product is the same as the number of the self-connected one. If the hot melt adhesive coating machine does not match, rewind and check immediately to prevent the internal joints from being mixed into the product.

02. According to the characteristics of the semi-finished product, adjust the EPC device to ensure that the EPC photoelectricity is always on the tracking line, and use the hand to pull the end of the film at a low speed to start the film to normal.

03. Stop pressing the stop button. When unwinding, do not allow your hands to touch the winding shaft to prevent your fingers from being caught.

04. Start up slowly, observe whether the slitting film meets the quality requirements, and then slowly accelerate to start slitting. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the machine to avoid the back of the hand.

05. Open (close) the raw material bracket to the appropriate width, and place the semi-finished film roll to be cut on the bracket. When loading, the hand must leave the film roll section. Two people are not allowed to operate at the same time to prevent hand Clamped by the cylinder.

06. Return the photoelectricity to the center position to ensure that the slider of the unwinding table is kept in the proper position in the middle of the guide bar.

07. Put the paper tube that meets the specifications on the take-up shaft, cut the products that meet the requirements into the paper tubes of the upper and lower take-up shafts drawn according to the normal method, start at a low speed, and find that the paper tube is suitable on the take-up shaft Mark the location of the installation to facilitate the next installation. When installing the paper tube, your hands must grasp the surface of the paper tube to prevent slipping and being injured by the shaft.

08. Lead all the slitted film to the winding shaft according to the operation requirements. When the hot melt adhesive machine passes through the film, no blade is allowed on the machine to prevent scratches.

09. Install the cutting knife holder to the appropriate position according to the requirements of the task list, fasten the lower knife, and then start at a low speed to cut the semi-finished product into the required specifications.

10. Press to turn on the power of the machine, set the tension of winding and unwinding, the number of automatic stop of the counter and the thickness of the material according to the requirements on the task list.