Non-woven Slitting Machine

- May 13, 2020-

With the spread of COVID19 worldwide, the demand for masks is increasing. Among them, as an important raw material for the production of masks, non-woven fabrics are also in short supply. The slitting machine produced by our factory is just perfect for slitting wide coils into narrow coils. The machine adopts double-slip differential shaft for winding, which is designed according to the characteristics of the non-woven fabric. Because the non-woven fabric is elastic and not as thick and uniform as the film, the ordinary air-expansion shaft is used for winding, and the effect is not different when slitting wide strip Large, but when slitting narrow strips, it will cause some rolls to be loose and some to be tight, and the result will be untidy winding. The use of a slip shaft for rewinding allows the paper tube to have a certain slip on the shaft, ensuring that each roll has the same tightness, and can achieve good rewind uniformity when slitting narrow strips.