Labeling Machine Background Technology

- Jul 15, 2020-


In the production and processing of various paper products, plastic products and light hardware products, the production and stacking of packaging products after forming, generally through rapid identification and counting equipment to measure product output to achieve fully automated production from feeding to packaging . In the current technology, especially in the production of paper products, an automatic label insertion machine is usually used to achieve intelligent automatic counting. The existing technology is a technology used by a label insertion machine with Chinese Patent Publication No. CN201720035178.9 The solution is: including an installation rack, a central control device for a label inserting machine, an external paper roll box, and a label conveying and cutting mechanism. The external paper roll box includes a paper roll holder, a paper roll box shell, and a label paper roll for installation , The external paper roll box is fixedly installed by the paper roll holder and is on the same side of the paper feed port; the label conveying and cutting mechanism includes a paper guide slot, a cutter wire cable, an electromagnetic wire loop and a cutter device, so One end of the paper guide slot is fixedly installed at the installation port, and the cutter device is fixedly installed at the end of the other end. One end of the cutter wire cable is fixed inside the central control device of the label inserting machine through the installation port, and the other end is connected and cut Knife device, the electromagnetic coil is installed inside the central control device of the label inserting machine.

However, the existing label inserting machine also has the problems of easily occupying a large space, being inconvenient to use in a place where the area is too narrow, easily tilting the label inserting paper, and easily contaminating dust to other paper through the label insert.

Therefore, it is very necessary to invent a label insertion machine.