Introduce The Optimization And Improvement Of The Slitter Equipment

- Oct 31, 2019-

When producing and manufacturing slitting machine equipment, it is generally necessary to analyze the defects existing in the machine, and then propose corresponding optimization and improvement measures, thereby eliminating the defects existing in the slitting machine and improving its working performance. At the same time, the quality of the strip after shearing can be improved.

Then, in the actual work, what optimization measures can be taken? First of all, in the slitter equipment, attention should be paid to perfecting the center positioning of the uncoiler. This is because in the process of slitting the steel coil material, the steel coil is prone to turbulence in the axial direction of the uncoiler, especially when the tower-shaped coil is removed, the turbulence is more serious. Therefore, the shearing is directly affected in the production process, and finally the strip winding is not tight and the coil is not tight, and the coiling force is increased, and the disc shear stress is unbalanced. To ensure the normal operation of the disc shear, the strip is required to have a good centering.

For the above analysis, the slitting machine equipment can be improved. 1. The double-cylinder head uncoiler is used. The double-cylinder head uncoiler is easy to load and work smoothly and reliably, which fundamentally solves the axial turbulence. The problem, and the automation of the operation; 2, the pressure roller is added on the uncoiler to compress the strip and increase the braking torque. When the pressure roller is made with power, it also has certain advantages for the uncoiler feeding; 3. The floating uncoiling device is configured for the slitting machine, the correcting device is added, the signal is detected from the detecting device until the cylinder is driven to open the unwinding, and the automatic control system is used to realize Got it.

Secondly, the purpose of improving the working performance of the slitting machine can be achieved by optimizing the adjustment of the tool. In fact, the radial depth and axial clearance of the disc cutter can be adjusted according to experience or according to the reference table.

Under normal circumstances, the slitting machine equipment is generally equipped with a corresponding combination tool during the production process, and the user can assemble the tool and the knife pad according to the cut material and specification. After assembling the hob group, select the appropriate depth of the knife according to the material thickness, and shake the handwheel to adjust the depth of the upper and lower knife sets to ensure that the strip can be cut completely.