How To Deal With The Breakdown Of Slitter

- Jun 27, 2019-

When rolling, the reel is too tight or too close to glue.

Wrinkles can be caused when semi-finished products are wound, which increases the pressure of tension cylinder.

Loose middle, semi-finished products, uneven glue and uneven are closely related. Substrate should be adjusted to keep the flat bow roll. At this time, the winding tension may be increased and the base material is compacted with knife tube.

Tension setting of coiling shaft:

1. The tension of the tape is controlled by adjusting the nut.

2. Turn the nut clockwise, tighten the tape, rotate the nut counterclockwise and loosen the tape.

Function and adjustment of induction switch:

1. The induction switch of the machine is fixed and cannot be adjusted.

2. Exchange axis induction: once per axis, the counter accumulates once, and the number of finished products is calculated.

3. Reaction: Four-point induction, three-phase long. Counter, stable braking, accurate control.

Waste coiling and adjustment:

1. Adjust the bushing on the side axle to align it with the side material.

2. Manual operation until enough edges are ready to be wrapped around the edge material to remove the shaft.

3. When the machine starts to split, the edge material will automatically curl.

Disposal of non-uniform lines:

1. Check whether the left and right sprockets are loose.

2. There are four reels. Both sides adjust and adjust equally. They are on the right side.