Film Slitting Machine Performance And Characteristics

- May 21, 2020-

Slitter Rewinders

1. The machine is controlled by microcomputer;

2. Center winding mode, the host uses frequency conversion speed regulation;

3. This machine adopts PLC touch screen control and servo motor to control fixed-length cutting;

4. The transmission system adopts pneumatic, photoelectric sensor and other centralized control. The machine integrates light, electricity and gas. It is easy to operate and has high cutting accuracy. The round edge slitting (or flat knife structure) waste edge is automatically discharged;

5. The advantages of mechanical stability and low noise;

6. Motor frequency conversion speed regulation, manual feeding (or pneumatic automatic feeding) unwinding shaft with cone sleeve type inflation shaft (3, 6), automatic metering, alarm and other functions, unwinding adopts photoelectric automatic correction and correction system, Make irregular materials can be normally divided or (gas-sensitive hydraulic pressure side edge system);

7. Magnetic powder clutch tension control. Automatic counting, alarm stop. Magnetic powder tension control. A and B axis (inflatable type) are used for winding;

8. It can be divided into multiple sections in the longitudinal direction, and the waste edge is automatically eliminated by the fan.