Thermal Paper Printing Machine

Thermal paper printing machine is fit for flexo printing of label paper, thermal paper and film etc, the printing speed Max to 100m/min. This flexo printing press use water based ink, it is green equipment with many optional function, such as cold stamping, slitting rewinding and UV printing Etc. It standard with three rotary die cutting station, which can fit with sheeting conveyor unit.

Product Details


1. Thermal Paper Printing Machine adopts the creamic anilox cylinder to transfer the ink.

2. Unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetic powder brake/clutch.

3. Each printing unit equips with IR dryer.

4. This machine with one die-cutting station, which makes printing and die-cutting can be finished in one process.

5. The machine can finish material-feeding, printing, varnishing, drying, laminating, rewinding and die-cutting in a lump. It is an ideal machine for printing note and top-grade adhesive label.

Technical Specifications:


Unwinding the feeding part

The printing speed of the flexographic printing machine generally reaches 150m/min (or even higher). In normal operation, in order to reduce the number of times of machine replacement and the waste of the reel, the unwinding and feeding device must be installed. The structure is as shown in Figure 5A. Shown. The unwinding feed device functions to unwind the roll of printing material, continuously and stably feed the printing material into the printing member, and control the speed, tension and lateral position of the printing material before it reaches the first printing member. The unwinding feed member has a roll holder and a set of guide rolls, and the roll holder is arranged in a line in the printed part. The roll holder has electric or hydraulic components to control the lifting and lowering. Generally, the pneumatic element locks the axis of the web, and the end of the web is equipped with a detector.

Tension control system

The unwinding and feeding unit is also equipped with a digitally controlled electromagnetic brake tension system. The structure of the tension control system of the unwinding feed unit and the flexographic printing machine is shown in Fig. 6. He can provide optimal tension control for different substrates and is immune to dust and dirt. Among them, the tension compensation control adopts a loop type self-detection system, which can continuously maintain the tension of the paper (or film) when the diameter of the web is continuously reduced.

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