Sticker Roll Printing Machine

Sticker roll printing machine is fit for flexo printing of label paper, thermal paper and film etc, the printing speed Max to 100m/min. This flexo printing press use water based ink, it is green equipment with many optional function, such as cold stamping, rotary die cutting, slitting rewinding and UV printing etc.

Product Details


1. Sticker Roll Printing Machine adopts the ceramic anilox cylinder to transfer the ink.

2. Each printing unit adopts 360 degree plate-adjustment.

3. Three die-cutting stations, the first and second die-cutting station can do double sides working, the third die-cutting station can be used as sheeter.

4. Computerized web-guiding system is installed in the front of printing unit, it ensures the material always in the right position (standard configuration).

5. Unwinding and rewinding tension are auto-controlled by magnetic powder brake and clutch, two rewinders are possible in this machine.

Technical Specifications:


Anilox roller cleaning

Low pressure spray method

Use sodium dicarbonate, baking soda, as cleaning powder, spray the anilox roller at low pressure, thoroughly clean the dry ink, resin, coating material, etc. remaining in the ink hole, but pay attention to the injection pressure should not be too high, otherwise It is possible to detach the ceramic soil layer from the anilox roll body, and the general pressure should not exceed 0.1 MPa. Because sodium dicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate are softening cleaning media, they are easy to dissolve, non-toxic and harmless, and meet the global environmental requirements. Practice has proved that: this method has a good cleaning effect, can restore the volume of the ink hole, and can be directly cleaned on the spot, including ink fountain, grease, ink and the like. Although this method has only developed in recent years, it has great potential and is worth promoting.

Plastic fine bead spray cleaning

The principle of Sticker Roll Printing Machine is similar to the low pressure spray method, but the cleaning powder is made of plastic beads. This cleaning method can increase the cleaning speed of the anilox roller by 30%, and can improve the quality of the printed product while prolonging the service life of the anilox roll. In this way, the consumption of plastic beads is small, and the cleaning process does not discharge any harmful substances and precipitates chemicals, which is environmentally friendly, efficient and safe.

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