Paper Label Printing Machine

Paper label printing machine is fit for flexo printing of label paper, thermal paper and film etc, the printing speed Max to 100m/min. This flexo printing press use water based ink, it is green equipment with many optional function, such as cold stamping, rotary die cutting, slitting rewinding and UV printing etc.

Product Details


1. Paper Label Printing Machine adopts the ceramic anilox cylinder to transfer the ink.

2. Each printing unit adopts 360 degree plate-adjustment.

3. Three die-cutting stations, the first and second die-cutting station can do double sides working, the third die-cutting station can be used as sheeter.

4. Computerized web-guiding system is installed in the front of printing unit, it ensures the material always in the right position (standard configuration).

5. Unwinding and rewinding tension are auto-controlled by magnetic powder brake and clutch, two rewinders are possible in this machine.

Technical Specifications:


Anilox roller cleaning

Chemical solvent scrubbing

A chemical solvent is sprayed on the surface of the anilox roll, and a suitable fine brush (a stainless steel brush for a ceramic anilox roll, a copper wire brush for a metal anilox roll) is used according to the anilox roll material, and the brush is repeatedly brushed. This method is only suitable for cleaning the anilox rolls of the thick wire. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, convenient cleaning and no pollution to the environment; the disadvantage is that the brush cannot be deeply penetrated into the ink hole, so the cleaning is not thorough. It is difficult to clean the dirt and ink on the bottom of the ink hole. Therefore, the ink pocket volume cannot be restored.

Chemical solvent immersion

Intrinsically or completely infiltrating the anilox roller into a high-corrosion cleaning agent tank, allowing the solvent to dissolve and soften the dried ink, and finally washing away the corrosive cleaning solution and the fully corroded and softened ink with water. It is more effective, but for long-term use, corrosive solvents will penetrate the protective layer and corrode the steel body, which is also not conducive to environmental protection.

Ultrasonic cleaning

The anilox roller is immersed in a tank of an ultrasonic cleaning system filled with a chemical cleaning solution, and the frequency conversion device in the tank transmits a high-frequency sound wave, which is a solution vibration and generates bubbles, and the dry ink, resin, and coating material in the ink hole vibrate in the solution. Under the combined action of the inward explosion force generated by the bubble-oriented explosion surface, it flows away from the cleaning liquid at one place. The cleaning time depends on the size of the roller, and it usually takes 0.5-24h. During this time, the anilox roller will be damaged by high-frequency ultrasonic vibration for a long time, which will damage the ceramic layer, which will cause certain damage to the ink layer of the anilox roller. In addition, this method has a large area, high investment cost, and complicated process. Although there is a certain cleaning effect, whether this method is perfect or not requires actual testing.


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