Label Sltting Machine

Label sltting machine is the associated equipment for auto die-cutting machine, which is used for small size roll material slitting. This slitter rewinder has the function of automatic meter or piece counting, auto-stop, web guiding by photocell.

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Label sltting machine is the associated one for auto die-cutting machine, which is used for small size reel material slitting. It has the function of automatic meter counting, automatic stop, web guiding by photocell. The machine has the characteristic of compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting and steady running etc.

Technical Specifications:


The inventory of anilox rolls in the printing plant grows with the development of the business. In order to effectively select the most suitable anilox rolls according to the requirements of different printings, it is necessary to list the stocking rolls.

If this list is only classified by LPI, only the number of lines of the anilox roll can be known, and the volume of the cell (BCM) cannot be known. The necessary parameters cannot be provided when selected. For example, the 800LPI anilox roller may be 1.0BCM, while others may be 1.8 or larger BCM. The amount of ink transferred by the printing is very different, so the inventory of the stock anilox roller is marked. In addition to the LPI of the anilox roll, the BCM parameters must also be recorded separately.

When ordering an anilox roll from a manufacturer, the user should clearly specify the processing parameters, including: number of lines per inch, cell volume, engraving angle, and unengraved sideband width (if extracted). In addition, since there is always a certain difference in the processing, the processing of the anilox roller is preferably ordered in batches even if the same LPI and BCM are processed.

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